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The definite solution
against limescale

100 % autonomous

Natural Desludger

Physical water treatment process

  • Without chemicals
  • Without adjustment
  • Without upkeep
  • Without disinfectants

Unlimited operating time

Get rid of the sludge in your circuits for good.

  • Home central heating
  • Collective heating
  • Floor heating
  • Air treatment unit
  • Water cooling systems

The definitive solution against sludge in your heating system - a natural and effective solution

By installing a de-sludger in the heating water circuit, we will restructure the water and dynamize it, allowing it to clarify naturally. With each passage, as it enters the system, the water flow is subjected to a vortex effect.

The water will be restructured and will regain its self-regenerative capacity. The elements constituting the sludge will disappear (inversion of an oxidation process towards a reduction process). The sludge phenomenon will be stopped and reversed, thus stopping the corrosion phenomenon and eliminating the sludge already naturally present.

Desludger – Quebec

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